About Moi………

Before I start properly Blogging it seems only right to introduce myself! A better understanding of Lady Mckew. I am 29 and turning 30 this year! blonde, 5’5 loving everything that sparkles, I live in Cheltenham Gloucestershire with my kitten Bella. I work for a British Fashion Designer and love all things Vintage, Harry Potter and Emma Bridgewater. My idols are David Bowie, the elegant Audrey Hepburn and Ellie Goulding…..I am addicted to shopping and clothes! I have two wardrobes exploding…..

So many may ask why blog? What are you going to blog? Well this was part of a New Years resolution in 2013 to blog about everything I feel is important, things I discover, things I will be trying: anything from Fashion, Beauty to Travel and general life. However after a short experience of writing for an local digital magazine in Cheltenham, I am now sharing my writing and hoping to continue freelance writing.

So I hope I entertain and inspire all my readers!

Love LadyM xx


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