Tattoo or Taboo

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In June 2014, I was able to meet Deano, the owner of Montpellier’s avant-garde tattoo studio ToykoTattoo. This article was featured in Julys addition of Unique Cheltenham and was my first interview. There was no better place or people to interview and the team at ToykoTattoo have became great friends.

What’s your vision with TokyoTattoo?

Deano:  I want to change the image of tattooing and create a brand.  But, more importantly, give our clients confidence, with high standards and high quality hygiene.  The position of the studio was important to us, with a top end studio, no expense spared.  We are also the first tattoo studio that’s a limited company.  We are a lifestyle brand with an avant-garde studio.

It’s obvious when you walk into TokyoTattoo that it is a bright, clean studio.  Are you setting a trend with studios?

Deano:  No.  We are setting the benchmark of how it should be, by setting high standards.  It’s not a trend.  Trends come and go.  We pay attention to detail and maintain a very high standard of hygiene

What do you do to maintain the high standards?

Deano: We only use organic ink.  Some inks used around the world are poisonous we are trying to help the industry.  We don’t want to be streamlined.

What makes you different?

Deano: I want our clients to walk into TokyoTattoo and be at ease.  It’s clean, its pristine each station has an iPad docking station, so the guests can relax listen to the music they want to listen to, if they don’t like what’s playing at that point.

We are updating the market and making tattooing luxurious, giving the customer what they want.  We have a minimum of two guest artists a month, giving more choice and no waiting lists.

You have thought of everything, does this include the brands stocked in the studio?

Deano: We have Brand Ambassadors; we are the first studio to do this.  They have a large following so we help promote them and promote us. We have the bestselling Beard Oil, Apothecary 87 by fashion model Chris Millington, clothing from Prang Out and Pride Aftercare products which are the best in the world.

Do you want to talk about Rocking the Cotswolds?

Deano: We are so proud to be recognised for bringing something different and unique to the Cotswolds.  Out of 300 nominees we have been classed as a “rocker of the Cotswolds”.  It’s nice to be accepted and to be a feature of the Cotswolds.

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Do you think tattooing will ever become fully accepted as Art?

Deano: No, not all art is accepted.  A new generation will change the mind-set and up the game for others, but not everyone will accept it.

With the impact of social media, what positive & negative impacts do you think it has for future development of the tattoo industry?

Deano:  It’s definitely benefiting the industry.  You are now able to see an artist, go to them and see what can be achieved.  This is changing people’s ideas on tattoos.

Everyone that leaves here leaves with a piece of art

Whats next for TokyoTattoo?

Deano: I am planning on open more TokyoTattoo around the UK maintaining the right location so we continue our luxury brand.


© Sarah McKew 2014

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