Save the Banksy in Cheltenham

In the summer of 2014, Cheltenham woke up to a new addition to the town. Over night the pseudonymous graffiti artist gave Cheltenham a piece of his work. Unfortunately politics and greed set in and the town went on a mission to Save the Banksy from being removed.

In a small campaign through the magazine I encouraged people of Cheltenham to stand tall and save our work of art. Here is the article featured in August’s edition


Following the excitement of Banksy coming to Cheltenham and giving us one of his Masterpieces….depicting men listening into a phone box on the Fairview Road. We at Unique Cheltenham were as shocked as most of the residents in Cheltenham when boards were placed up around the artwork.

It seems the owners of the house were going to sell the piece to an American Collector, however due to the building being Grade II listed building the council have a say!

A campaign started to save the Banksy raised around £115,000, however the owners are considering a seven-figure deal for the piece. This is still not enough for the target given to the campaigners.

The future of the Bansky is unknown but with the great support the Cheltenham community has shown, shows how much we want to keep our gift from the elusive Bristolian Artist.

We showed our support by signing the Van later named the Vansky placed in way of the boards to stop the artwork from being taken, as did many who fully supported the campaign. Other campaigners added their own artworks and messages to the boards to try to save the piece.


We hope that the Banksy can stay in Cheltenham where it was intended to be.

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