Tokyo Tattoo Still Rocking the Cotswolds


In June this year Tokyo Tattoo were chosen as one of the 75 companies in the Cotswold that rocks! And boy don’t they!

I caught up with them again at Rock the Cotswold Creativity evening held at the Wilson Gallery. Along different creative people the event was set up to promote the area as a great place to network and show how creative they are.

Tokyo Tattoo displayed their creative talents and even offered free henna tattoos. Although this was Adam Woodfarm’s first attempt at Hennas he certainly showcased his unique talents and towards the end of the evening started to leave the traditional henna designs and start some crazy retro game designs such as Pac Man and Tetris.

Although some attendees were still not convinced about Tattoos, many were drawn in by the impressive Videos and chatting to the team.

IMG_9838 IMG_9839

This is a great event and we are happy to support the cause. At TokyoTattoo we are trying to break down the boundaries between modern art and tattoos.


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