Surviving the January Sales


Its January and its all about the sales. If your savvy you can grab a great bargain, however you can also be stuck with an unwanted purchase that actually you didn’t need but thought it was a good idea at the time.

At Christmas I swore to myself that I wouldn’t shop the sales and certainly would not indulge in the Boxing Day Sales. However I woke up early on Boxing Day and thought I will take a look at this Boxing Day Sale phenomenon that people wake up before 6am just to shop. basically I ended up shopping! A big oops

Here are my tips for being a savvy shopper

Rule No.1 – Plan

What I mean by this is plan if you can what you want to buy, don’t rush in and buy the 6th white t-shirt that you will have sat in your drawer. Also plan the shops you want to hit, this way you won’t end up buying pieces in the wardrobe that you don’t need, before getting to the pieces you do want or need. You could end up spending more than planned.

Rule No.2 – Do not panic!

Don’t panic buy pieces, look at how much is and work out how much you are saving. Would you of purchased your required item on offer before the sale? If you didn’t, doesn’t mean you need it. Is it worth buying if it is only has the reduction of £1? Don’t panic buy!

Rule No.3 – Shop Online

Some brands have more in the sale online than in stores. Check this before you venture out into the cold and do this from the comfort of your own sofa with a cup of tea.

Rule No.4 – Do it in Style

Fancy something exclusive or designer? Shop in style which means queue in style. Did you know that the Harrod’s sale offer hot chocolate and blankets to the queues, you will also be entertained by their string quartet.

Rule No.5 – Remember to Eat & Drink

Keep hydrated otherwise you might make unwise decisions with your purchases.  Eating will energise you if you’re planning a big shop!

Rule No.6 – Go Early

This Boxing Day I got up early and hit the shops at 9am, there were fewer people around, no long wait at the fitting rooms, it’s almost tidy and the queues at the tills weren’t huge. Bliss!

Rule No.7 – Man Up!

Remember to take a man to carry your bags!

IMG_0942    IMG_0542

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