Smokey Joes Cheltenham

Smokey Joes is a family run business with a difference. It provides retro & vintage entertainment, pop culture and great coffee! The business spans across three generations supplying game machines, Props and all things Retro American.

Any Cheltonians remember Smokey Joes has the gaming arcade where they spent most of their childhood and teenage years with friends. But recently Smokey Joes re-opened their doors to give Cheltenham a Vintage Coffee Bar. Where ever you look you notice something new and cool of days gone by.


They serve great coffee, American waffles, bagels and Milkshakes all day, but why not have an afternoon tea party? My friend turned 29 again and the best way to celebrate this birthday was Smokey Joes Afternoon Tea party, which provided more food than the 15 of us could eat!


It doesn’t stop there, they host regular events including Vintage and Craft fairs and workshops. I can’t wait until their next Vintage Fair on Sunday 7th September from 11am until 4pm.

So for all you vintage lovers and if you just want to go back in time, this is the place to be.

IMG_7585        IMG_7594

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