How to make a Lampshade


2015 has been a crafty year for me and 2016 will be no different. With the crafty bug taking a bite, I am certainly hooked. I am also lucky to have one friend who is as crafty as me so together we are embarking on crafty adventures with workshops and courses around Gloucestershire.

Our first craft workshop was organised by Meg at Shop Meggies behind the Falcon Inn Painswick. How to make lampshades, we did feel this could be quite complicated but we were both surprised how easy and affordable this was too. Once we made one we wanted to make more.


What you need:

  • DIY Lampshade Kit – the sizes are your choice.
  • Fabric of your choice – Approx. 30cm x 1m required. I used a left over piece of fabric I used for a chair from Laura Ashley
  • Scissors
  • Double sided strong adhesive sticky clear tape.
  • Butter Knife


Step 1.

Lay your fabric face down on a flat surface, make sure it’s ironed and there is no creases or wrinkles. Remove 6 inches of the backing from the styrene sheet from your kit and place on the fabric. Slowly remove the rest of the backing whilst sticking the styrene to the fabric.

Step 2.

Cut out the fabric, leaving an inch around the edges expect for one of the short edge. On the other short end where you left fabric to overhang, tape down with the double sided tape to the fabric edge down and over the styrene. Iron this edge down as this will be on show on the lamp so make it neat.

Step 3.

Apply the double sided tape along the edges, covering the styrene about ¼ inch but still keeping the 1 ½ inch of fabric. At this point remove the backing of the tape and align the rings on the top and bottom where the styrene ends.

Step 4.

If you need a hand with this bit, ask someone to help! Pressing firmly down roll the rings along the edge of the styrene. The double sided tape should stick to the rings. Move slowly and be careful to make sure to keep the rings straight.

Step 5.

When you have finished removed the tape from the folded over end to secure the fabric in place. This can be tricky if you have a repeating pattern, so plan your roll before you do.

Step 6.

Fold the fabric at the top and bottom around the rings, pressing firmly so the fabric sticks to the double sided tape and styrene.

Step 7.

We can now tuck the left over fabrics underneath the rings to make a neat finish. Do this carefully as you don’t want to damage the styrene or fabric. We used the knife to push and tuck the fabric in. You will hear little pops as you do this, do worry it’s normal.

Step 8.

Place the shade on your lamp and you are finished. This takes about 30mins once you know how and it is so easy.



We had great fun with Meg and friends at the Falcon making these shades. Thank you so much.

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