Bringing life to the living room furniture

When moving in with your loved one, you end up with mismatched furniture. A mixture of hand-me-downs and pieces purchased for the previous places to make the home sweet home. This is something we experienced, with my upcycled pieces and the need for new pieces for the mountain of books we had. Even though we had donated a load of books, we still had loads, so bookcases were purchased and we needed, well I needed, all the furniture to be the same colour. ( well thereabout’s)

Poor Mr N was a bit reluctant, especially as it was his furniture I was attacking with the furniture paint.

As my favourite interior shop was no longer open in Cheltenham, I didn’t have a supply of Annie Solan paint. Instead, I decided to use Laura Ashley’s furniture paint. All I can say is that I was advised wrong by the staff! I asked if this paint was like normal chalk paint and I was reassured it was. Far from it, chalk paint can be used on most surfaces straight away without sanding or priming. What was failed to be advised to me, was that this particular furniture paint needed to have that process done? if I am being honest I would not have used this if I had known.

The first piece I decided to tackle was the coffee table, the focal point of the living room.  constantly in use and needing an update.


After 3 coats of paint, the table started to look fresher and made the living room instantly brighter. Using the recommended satin finish varnish from Laura Ashley, we varnished the table. After 3 weeks it started to chip, this was disappointing considering how long Annie Solan lasts. After 4 years, I still have perfect painted furniture. 8 months later, a yellow tint has developed from what we are guessing the cause of polish we use to clean. We have had to re-paint again.

The next project was this cabinet, which I love. The finish was better than I expected, but again the only problem is the slight chipping of paint when the drawers are used. I am living with it at the moment, as you don’t see it.


I didn’t want to change the details of this cabinet, so I left the handles the same. img_1284img_1303

At some point, I’ll have to sand down the furniture and use the Annie Solan paint, but for now, it is making our living room more inviting and bright.

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