Vintage Shopping in Budapest

Vintage shopping in Budapest is amazing!

There is nothing more exciting than when you buy vintage clothes. A key element of the self-expression of style, the vintage style itself, is interesting because each dress and piece have its own story and part of history. So why settle for an imitation when you can dress in the originals?


I couldn’t believe the amount of vintage and thrift shops were around in this beautiful city. Hidden in basements, secret treasure troves and some in larger buildings with vast collections of vintage gems. This was truly a vintage lovers paradise! This is a short blog of my favourite places I found, but there are so much more out there.



The Sputnik shop was the first discovery we found. They sell old and the new romantic vintage with a mix of modern styles. They see clothes as a collection, more than just a pastime. A way to preserve and interpret the history, culture, and especially in fashion.


IMG_8333Retrock is the largest Vintage and Designer shops we found, located in the heart of the town, Deák Square. Retrock is more than a simple clothes shop; after 15 years in business, they maintain their philosophy of their dream, ‘Representing timeless uniqueness selected from several spots of the world’ They certainly do with an impressive collection of vintage mixed and matched pieces, with authentic ethnic textiles for women and men’s fashion. You could spend hours there!

I left Budapest with some great pieces. A sailor cat jumper and my favourite is my flared black jumpsuit (apologies for the photo!)


When wandering around Budapest, you will find hidden vintage stores in building basements, so keep your eyes peeled! Don’t forget in my previous blog about Budapest to visit the cat cafe.

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