The Malt House Emporium, Stroud – Antiques & Vintage Shopping 

One miserable Saturday lunch time with the promise of a wet, damp afternoon ahead, the suggestion of visiting The Malt House in Stroud was made. I had been told that this place was a treasure trove of vintage items and antique furnishings, so why not. Over two vast floors, this old building is believed to have been constructed in the 1800’s; the site has been home to breweries including Stroud Brewery. Some of the original building was found in excellent condition including the oak beams and cast iron pillars running throughout the building back in 2014, when the emporium started its new lease of life.

They opened in 2014 with a small collective of dealers with the vision of ending the boring, old Antique Centres and creating an exciting cave of wonders. Within a few months, more dealers joined and they expanded. As the expansion grew, The Malt House quickly gained the reputation as one of the best and largest destinations for Antiques, Vintage and Interiors in the South West and you can see why.

They didn’t stop there, they have also expanded the business next door into the Malthouse Bar & Kitchen, that however, is my next foodie blog, so watch this space!

The staff are super friendly and were incredibly helpful. If you want to barter, they will contact the dealers, no problem.We really enjoyed visiting the Malt House Emporium and I highly recommend the visit. I had seen a few upcycling ideas on Pinterest and there were a few on display to help with the inspiration. I left the emporium with a can of interior paint and few vintage style drawer knobs for my next upcycling project. Oops! But we couldn’t resist this vintage bobby horse and for £12, who could refuse.

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