How to fix a broken nail

Don’t you hate it when your nails are the perfect length and then you catch a corner of the nail. I normally cut all my nails off if this happens and it’s always my thumb nails that suffer.

About a month ago Mr N showed me a video that popped up on his news feed. He confesses he doesn’t know why it did but he thought it was worth me watching.

I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but I decided to try it for myself anyway before trimming all my beautiful nails down.

So what you need is:

  • Nail scissors
  • A teabag – clean, unused and empty
  • Clear nail varnish
  • Nail buffer

Yes, that’s all you need. Some suggestions are to use nail glue, but it’s pointless if you don’t use nail glue like me.

So, how to:

  1. First start with clean, dry nails.
  2. Gently buff the split nail.
  3. Cut a small piece of the teabag to the shape required.
  4. Coat the teabag with the clear nail varnish and apply to the split.
  5. Allow to dry.
  6. Once dry, apply another coat of clear nail varnish to fix the teabag in place.
  7. Once dry, apply your favourite colour nail varnish.

And the verdict, well don’t cut too big a piece because it’s difficult to place on the split. I was worried about seeing a square piece of teabag on the nail, and yep I did see that, it looked a mess. So I tried again, this time with a smaller bit. The problem is keeping it in place and flat on the nail, my suggestion is to try and carefully move into place with some tweezers and flatten. Hopefully not making marks in the clear varnish. You certainly need a steady hand to do this.

Second Attempt

If I’m being honest, it would of been easier to lose the nail – one short nail isn’t that bad sometimes. It depends on your life style, if you have a busy schedule it’s probably not something you can do in 5-10 minutes.

Aside from all of that, I was eventually happy with the end result after all, practice makes perfect. I think you will always see the square piece of teabag on the nail and what looks like a lump in the photo. That was probably too much clear varnish! I used a coloured gel nail varnish too but it’s a small flaw and it hopefully goes undetected. See how you get on and if you have any tips, I would love to know.


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