Week 2 – Gratitude Challenge   My Significant Other/Spouse (well in 6months)

The challenge of week two is to talk about my significant other or spouse. I will not call Mr N my spouse just yet, it is 6 months until we say ‘I do’

However, significant he is, the support and love he has given is unconditional.

We originally met at college, when Mr N attended, but it was nothing further than acquaintances in a friendship group. A few years ago our paths crossed again, living in the same town, on occasion passing each other on the way to work, with either a hello or at times no response at all. (That makes us laugh now) one random restaurant launch there Mr N was with a friend, a few drinks and an evening of chatting, we managed to catch up. A week later, we went on our first date and as they say, the rest was history and we haven’t left each other’s side since.

It is funny, the thought of us being in a relationship together, because if asked when at college we probably would have laughed our heads off.

Shouting at each other tends not to happen, but obviously not agreed on certain situations (like passing out at the bottom of the stairs, Mr N) it has become the realisation that in life, it is too short to argue, either way, neither party will win. Not necessarily just giving in, but more the fact, that there is respect for opinions, talking, sharing and understanding. This works effectively.

My gratitude for being so lucky having such a wonderful person in my life who looks after me and I can look after. Especially during this time, where I have faced difficulties at beginning of this year and our first pregnancy. He attends every appointment no matter how small, seeing me squeamish with needles, still holding my hand.

I could not ask for a better father for my child or husband to grow old with. Our values are the same and we know we will be the best we can be.

So, that is my Gratitude for this week, Mr N my hero and I want to thank you for being you.


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