Week 8 – Gratitude Challenge – Express Gratitude to 3 People

After further tragic events here in the UK, now more than ever I feel grateful to have certain people around me.

Watching the One Love Manchester gig on Sunday night, the overwhelming feeling of love and togetherness shined through.

This week’s challenge is to express gratitude to 3 people. Instead of me writing about my personal gratitudes, I want to share my gratitude to the people who helped the victims of the terrible attacks we suffered in the UK this week.

Firstly, I want to express gratitude to the Metropolitan police, who responded so quickly against the three terrorists who reeked havoc on the streets on London. Responding in 8 minutes stopping the attacks further, protecting the public.

Secondly, to the public who ran against the terrorists to help those in need, the people that offered sanctuary to anyone that needed it in London. The people who helped the fans and their families in Manchester after the terrible bombing. The restaurants that opened their doors to help the police with water, food and supplies.

Thirdly, the NHS. Stretched due to budget cuts and uncertainty of what will happen in the election continued their commitment which shows us more than ever that we need the NHS to be strong and there for us. Doctors and nurses working around the clock to help the victims and save lives. Sure some of you may say this is their jobs but some of the staff have spoken out about how the horror from the Manchester attacks have affected them.

These last few weeks have shown how Britain can stand strong and against terrorism. We have many things to be grateful for. These men and women showed that there is still good in the world coming to the aid of others, sharing their homes and food to people in need. Love will always win the end.

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