Favourite Phone Apps

Always having iPhones I do love a good app, however, there are some awful ones out there. The number of apps I have downloaded for something and seconds later deleted or removed off my phone is crazy. I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you, they are really worthwhile and hope you give them a try.



This is amazing, I used to carry all my store cards around in a separate purse, holding up queues trying to find the right card for the sales assistant. I went through a stage of not carrying them unless I knew I was shopping there that day, it did not work out if I made an unexpected stop at another store. Now with this app, I have all my cards and Mr N’s in one place to easily scan or show the assistant. It doubles up by telling you what offers are on at certain places, extra bonus.

A friend introduced me to this app and it has been a godsend. You are reading an article on the train or a news story, maybe a blog post you need to read later you just save it on Pocket and it is there for you pick up where you left off. References to things, maybe a recipe or a how-to. This app brilliant for saving articles, it also gives suggestions relating to your saved choices.

Dark Sky Weather App
img_2044This weather app is pretty spot on. It tells you when the rain is coming, 9 times out of 10 it happens. Once again my savvy app friend introduced me to this app, you do have to purchase it but it is worth it. I did not quite believe it would work until he proved me wrong on a trip to Western Super Mare one Sunday. In 10 minutes the rain will start and it did. It’s great to know how to be prepared wherever you go.


I find using Pinterest app easier than using Pinterest on my laptop and as an avid Pinner I’m always pinning, so I had to include it in my favourite phone apps post.




I maybe a little biased on this one as I love using Ocado for our shops, the service we receive from the friendly drivers, the great food and choices. However, this app is super easy to use, quick and convenient when you need to remember to add those essentials to your next shop as well as recommending alternatives.

Over Photo Editor

It has taken me a while to find a photo editor that writes over photos I like. Like my other editing apps, they can overwrite photos but I love the options on Over. I admit I do not pay for subscriptions on apps, so I have not upgraded to the pro version.

Snap Fashion App

This is one clever app, I discovered a few years ago. I was terrible for buying a dress or a top and having nothing to go with it, with this app you just take a picture of the garment and it would match with items that you can team with it. Taking you to the website to purchase, a life saver. I used to do recommend it to my clients all the time who were looking for the perfect shoe or handbag.

Not on the High Street App

Everyone should this app for those gift ideas. One Christmas I did all my shopping on it, as I could not make the shops, so I downloaded this and kept it on my phone. Then when it came to birthdays I ordered, and I have a secret list for when I fancy a treat myself.

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