Week 9 – Gratitude Challenge – List 5 things you like about you

I am having to mix this challenge up a bit. For those of you that have followed this challenge from the day I announced I would participate, I said I would be following the list I found. However, due to circumstances of my pregnancy, some I feel should wait until little baby T is here to make for more valuable reading.

Week 9 is supposed to be ‘How did you do and feel’. I think most of you would agree this would be more wisely used when talking about the day baby T arrives, instead of now, in the last 2 weeks of waiting for her to make an appearance in the world. Let’s face it, I wouldn’t know what to write whilst one is sat here waiting, trying to nest but waddling around.

So this week, for week 9 I chose the next one down the list – 5 things you like about you. Even harder when you are balloon sized and about to pop. However, I’ll positively go back pre-pregnancy.

  1. My Nails – I’m super lucky with my nails, they grow long and I’m lucky enough to have natural white tips. People always ask if they are real, 100% they are, unless I have had acrylics in winter. 

This is where I started to struggle, I could not think of anything to write, the writer’s block hit. I asked Mr N and he said ‘my hands’ what about my hands? ‘Well they are soft’ great *laughs*

It is difficult to blow your own horn, so I started to think outside the box in regards to the challenge. It does not have to be physical likes, but can include achievements or personality etc.

2. So with this in mind, my second like about me is my ability to never give up on a task and to be a perfectionist. Is that two things? During my second trimester of pregnancy, I challenged myself to teach myself to knit. I was so frustrated when I could not cast on, I had my friend in Australia sending me Facebook videos showing me along with YouTube videos. Eventually, I got it and I was so chuffed, I felt I was on a roll. I did set a challenge to knit Mr N a blanket for this birthday in May, but I have not quite completed this, I will. (eventually) The important thing is I never give up, I keep going until I can achieve my goal. I feel very proud once I have achieved tasks or goals. I feel this way when I upcycle a piece of furniture. IMG_1045

3. Maybe the perfectionist comes next, some may see this as a bad thing not a good thing, because life is not always perfect. This does not mean you cannot have something perfect in your life. My example of this is when I went on a lampshade making course (previous blog) I loved it, but I had to get the lamp perfect and even the lady teaching course said ‘wow you are a perfectionist’ I pride myself in that. Since that course, every lampshade I have made as been created with love and perfection. I like being a perfectionist. IMG_1357

4. And I got stuck again…. Mr N suggests my fashion sense, but I just tend to go with what I like, I love my clothes and fashion but do I like my fashion sense? Yes, I guess I do, my ability to build outfits. Sure I have been lucky to have worked in the fashion industry with designers, but I do as I am sure many do, look at certain styles and wonder why they are teamed together. In our current little house, I’m lacking space to store all my clothes, but I love putting outfits together, matching pieces. Do I follow trends? Sometimes but what I like the best is showing your personality off through your outfits. I recently purchased a dress for post-pregnancy when it arrived we were shocked at the brightness of the material, but the possibilities to team with it with other pieces are exciting, that’s what I like about me, the thought process of outfit building.


5. My final like is more physical again, but I am saving the best to last. I am proud of my body being able to carry and grow a life. A few years ago I was told I would not be able to a Mummy and it was soul-destroying. Mr N and I were taking things in our stride and in October, although scared, we welcomed the news that we would be parents. It has not been an easy journey through this pregnancy, not what I was hoping for, but we have managed a full term pregnancy and now just wait for little T to arrive in our lives. What I am trying to say is this: I like the fact that despite difficulties, my body has adapted and grown a life. 

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