Week 10 – Gratitude Challenge – Someone who inspires me 

Week 10 is here and still no sign of baby T. This week is about someone who inspires me and it might seem a bit of a cliché but my inspiration is Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn born 4th May 1929, a British actress, model, dancer and humanitarian. She has been recognised as a film and fashion icon, during Hollywood’s Golden Age. She has been ranked by the American Film Institute as the third greatest female screen legend in Golden Age Hollywood and was inducted into the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame.

Why does Audrey inspire me?

Her beautiful elegance and her determination to help others. Since I was 17 years old I have donated and supported the work by UNICEF a charity that Audrey was appointed a goodwill ambassador and continued to work for until her death in 1993. When I first signed up to UNICEF I was unaware of Audrey’s work, after learning her achievements for the charity I was in awe, even more, my favourite actress became a hero.

Words of Wisdom

Her words of wisdom, help me nearly every day. Her wise words give an insight if you are ever lost needing guidance. Here are a few of my favourites:

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There are some great facts about Audrey that people didn’t realise, which makes her more magical. Here are a few I would like to share:

  • Audrey Hepburn favorite colour was thought by some to be white but according to her son Luca Dotti in a Vanity Fair article, her favorite colour was actually cyan.
  • Audrey was training as a dental assistant right before she was found by a talent scout who wanted her on the broadway play “Gigi” which was her big break. I love this fact, because my mother trained as a dental nurse before I was born and it was something I discovered about Audrey after telling my mother, it is something I want to do. 
  • Audrey worked for the Dutch resistance and would carry secret messages in her ballet slippers. She would of been killed if she was ever caught. In one instance, she was a suspect and rounded up by truck. She barely escaped when the Nazis pulled over to the side of the road. As an agent for the Dutch Resistance, she performed in a series of secret performances to help raise money for the rebels – after the shows, no one would applaud because their cheers would alarm the German Soldiers. These performances would be called “black performances” to raise money for the rebels and their underground war against Hitler. 
  • Hubert de Givenchy created a one of a kind perfume exclusively for her, named L’Interdit which meaning “forbidden”. Audrey had this perfume for a couple of years before Givenchy decided to make it available to the public in 1957. 
  • As everyone knows Audrey was a style icon and still is, even though she did not see herself as one. Her style has been timeless and even was the inspiration behind the Disney princess character Aura in Sleeping Beauty.

Life Lessons

Audrey taught us some important life lessons too. These are what I have learnt again after forgetting due to recent issues faced, making me feel grateful and blessed.

1. Seize the day – Audrey believed that the past helped her appreciate the present and did not want to spoil it by fretting about the future. Enjoy everyday as it comes.

It’s so important to seize the moment you’re in, don’t focus on the negatives and just enjoy what’s happening around you.

2. Don’t worry what anyone else thinks – something I have always done, but it does not matter. I am me and if people do not like it, they are not for me. As I said before Audrey didn’t think herself as an icon, she just did what she wanted to do.

People will always try to label you, so don’t try to live up to other people’s expectations and instead do what makes you happy.

3. Step outside your comfort zone – In life, we think we cannot do things but you have to try to give it a go. In previous blogs I have mentioned how I pushed myself to learn something new, well this what Audrey did, you never know you might discover a talent you had hidden.

I was asked to act when I couldn’t act. I was asked to sing ‘Funny Face’ when I couldn’t sing, and dance with Fred Astaire when I couldn’t dance – and do all kinds of things I wasn’t prepared for. Then I tried like mad to cope with it.

4. Believe in yourself – my favourite quote by Audrey which I use all the time is “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” This is so true, believe in yourself and you can achieve anything, I guess it goes part and parcel with the previous life lesson believe in yourself and you could achieve anything.

You have to be prepared to deal with the hand you get, instead of blaming bad luck just believe in yourself and accept that good things take work.

5. Be Happy – Life is too short to unhappy and as Audrey said “I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.” It is true when I feel happy I feel better about myself and it shows when people compliment you, ‘you look glowing’ (not due to pregnancy) or ‘you look really well’.

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.”


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