Week 11 – Gratitude Challenge –  Favourite Personality Trait 

Week 11 and another tough one to think about, a personality trait. Once again I had to call on the closest people around me to inspire my writing on this one.

Mr N

Well, when asking this question sat in the garden under the hot heat of last Monday, his reply was I made him laugh. I imagine I do with my feet in a washing up bowl of cold water that took me 5 mins to dive into after fits of little giggles because it was so cold. No idea why I do that. I asked what it was I did that made him laugh, and his response as always was ‘you have a funny face’ like a clown I respond? ‘Yeah’ it’s just one of our funny little sayings that has stuck. From this conversation, I know it is going to be hard to find a personality trait.IMG_0299

My Mother

This is a biased person to ask really, asking your own mother what her favourite personality trait is of her oldest daughter. I am expecting a list instead of one thing. So I make it clear it has to be one thing. I still got the list, so I told her to choose one. Her number one choice was my sense of humour – I sense a pattern here. IMG_8892

The Number 1 Friend 

Featured a few blog posts back in this challenge was one of my best friends, I figured it would be wise to ask her. ‘Probably your patience and ability to adapt to what’s thrown at you. But mainly your loyalty’ I was literally touched by this, it is not an everyday conversation to have with your best friend. img_1975

My Sister

Okay, there is a pattern here with my family. My sisters response was that I was funny, I made her laugh with my funny voices. IMG_0223

My Ex-Housemate

Again, the perfect person to ask, someone I have lived with and to be honest I was expecting him to say, my legendary dad dancing in the kitchen, however, apparently it was on the list. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised with his answer, ‘Loyalty’ it is a nice feeling to be told by your closest friends that you are loyal. IMG_3115

On reflection of asking, I did start to think about the loyalty comments and this is a personality trait I can confidently say I am. Even within my career, I have been very loyal to the companies I have worked for. However, it was the comments from family members about my sense of humour, I am grateful for this personality trait it is to be enjoyed after all life is so short and fragile, we only have one life and we should enjoy it.



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