Week 12 – Gratitude Challenge – Things I like about Summer 

Oooo I love this week’s challenge my favourite things about summer. Where to start as there are a few things.


Yes, I’m starting with food, there’s nothing more I love than a good BBQ. The charcoal flavours of the chicken, corn on the cob, the odd burnt sausage and of course the burgers. I admit I’m lucky I have a husband to be who is a Josper expert, who loves smoking meat and makes the best BBQ’s, I’m spoilt. It is not just that, it is the sitting in the garden the smells of the BBQs lingering in the air, surrounded by friends eating food, drinking Pimms or a gin and tonic. We were so determined to have a BBQ on May bank holiday that come rain or shine, we were going to have one. Check out Mr N in action being totally British (I love this)


You may think this one an odd favourite, however, releasing those tootsies from your Uggs or Converse is a great feeling. I am fussy, so painted toenails are a must the fun summer colours you spend hours choosing. Then to go out in your favourite sandals or new sandals. This year, every time I tried to purchase Saltwater sandals they did not have my size and time was running out, I found a great alternative that I have worn and worn. I am contemplating getting colours. However, I still love my trusty Steven Madden sandals brought a few years ago, they even went to the desert with me. IMG_3133

The Longer Days

Who does not love the fact that it is lighter, longer in the evenings? It makes me feel like I have more time to do things, I especially felt this when working. Finishing work, I used to enjoy the walk home in the sun sometimes taking a longer route so I could take in some vitamin D and then be enjoying dinner al fresco on the patio. Throw on some laundry and hang it out to dry. Whereas in the winter, I would finish work and it would already be dark, the thought was to just get home as quickly as possible to snuggle up on the sofa.

PYO Fruit

Growing up there were two huge farms where I lived where you could pick your own fruit, as a little girl I did not quite understand the concept of this and used to eat the strawberries and raspberries as I was picking with my grandad. Every summer holiday he would take me to one of these farms and it is something summer is about for me. It is such a great memory for me. Now living in Cheltenham we are lucky to have Primrose Vale Farm where you can pick your own produce, however even though so far this summer I have been unable to do this, I’m looking to doing this next summer and carrying on this summer tradition. This year, we have been lucky that Mr N’s parents have been supplying us with strawberries from their allotment.


Last summer Mr N used to share my lunch time breaks with me in the park with a stash of food from Marks and Spencers. Even growing up by the Thames River, my mother used to take myself and my younger sister down to the river to have a picnic. There is nothing better than sitting on a blanket in your favourite park or by the river eating sandwiches in the sunshine. So far this summer we have not done this but there are still two months (almost) left to do this, depending on British weather of course. 

Ice Creams

I admit I am not a massive fan of ice cream in the winter, even on a hot pudding, I would opt for custard. Summer to me is definitely about the ice cream and this has been my biggest pregnancy craving. I am a lover of mint chocolate chip ice cream, there is nothing more summery than that. 99p flake is also a favourite, one thing I miss about where I live is that an ice cream van does not visit our street. However, we have Gelateria Amelia in Cheltenham with a huge selection of ice creams and sorbets on offer, it is always a treat on the way home. IMG_9564

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