Week 13 – Gratitude Challenge – A talent I have

Talent – ˈtalənt/ noun

1. natural aptitude or skill.

“he possesses more talent than any other player”

synonyms: flair, aptitude, facility, gift, knack, technique, touch, bent, ability, expertise, capacity, power, faculty.

I started this challenge thinking I could easily do this but there have been a few weeks where I am stuck. This week is one of those weeks, a talent I have. So a talent like rolling your tongue? Check! I can do that but surely I must have something else. As this challenge is about being grateful, I need a talent I am grateful for, and I am not for rolling my tongue, it is just a fun talent you share with your eight-year-old self.

Although, I am told by my mother that I am talented with the things that I do whether it is upcycling a piece of furniture or creating something homemade as probably most people I turn to the inspiration of Pinterest. My recent venture was making milestone cards for baby T, as I was sat around waiting for her arrival. I can not really call it a talent, having an idea, creating it and enjoying the end product, or can I? 

Soul searching for a talent was proving difficult, maybe my mother was right, my creativity, my flair to do things myself. I admit I am becoming more thrifty, giving old furniture new life instead of spending a fortune on a piece. Of course there are times in life when you have too, for example I am awaiting a new sofa however apart from desperate bookshelves that were required in our living room when we first moved in, everything is upcycled, repainted, and rescued. 

I spent over a good hour looking for milestone cards that would suit our personality and although I fell in love with a few, I just felt they were so expensive for cards possibly only used once in the space of a year. With some left over invitation card from our wedding invites (yes, I made those too) I decided why not make them because I want to eventually if I have time try my hand at scrap booking. 

When I showed these cards to my mother, she wanted to know why people use them, and explaining that now we live in a digital age we photograph everything and share it with the world, this is just like a caption in a photograph. I said that once I had the photographs of baby T with the cards, I would make a book of her achievements. Although this is not a talent, just a nice thing to do for your children or grandchildren stay with me, I am getting to the point soon.

Genuinely, I enjoy being creative, possibly my flair is to never give up and always try to create the perfect finish.

So, I asked myself is this a natural talent? When researching talent examples, I came across a great theory choices lead to habits and habits become talents. Boom, that was it, I have always taken care of my things, even as a child. I would be tidy, I would look after my toys, unlike my sister who would play with toys and Barbie’s head would pop off. Everything would be organised, something I probably got from mother, the best part of school was having that new pencil case full of goodies at the beginning of term, laid out in front of me, ready to go. (The eagerness to learn did not always last long) These were some of my habits as a child that have led me in later life to a talent of possible perfection when I do things. When I was working, I wanted to do everything by the book, which I did and colleagues would often say so. In my view, there is no point half heartily doing something to either have to go back and do it again or not achieve what needs to be achieved.

I feel my talent is my creative perfection, I am by no means perfect and sometimes things do not work out perfectly when I do them, but I plan, prepare and allow my creativity to provide pleasure in my life. I love the feeling when I have achieved a completed upcycled project and it takes pride of place in my home. (Even the coffee table who has undergone another addition of improvement). Maybe, I really talking about patience to achieve but either way this is a talent I have chosen and am grateful for.

“Wouldn’t it be great to be gifted? In fact…It turns out that choices lead to habits. Habits become talents. Talents are labeled gifts. You’re not born this way, you get this way.” – Seth Godin

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