Week 14 & 15 – Gratitude Challenge – A Challenge I have overcome. How did I do & feel? 

For fellow readers and followers of my Gratitude Challenge may remember that back in week 9 I could not really complete the challenge ‘How did you do & feel’ it would be better suited to when baby T arrived. I realise I have also stated I did not want to be a mummy blogger, but this is something I am proud I managed to achieve. To tie in with this. I am also adding Week 16’s challenge to which is ‘A challenge I have overcome’ as they combine into one.

As any first-time, mother will tell you, going into labour is petrifying and I certainly was. I am absolutely rubbish with pain, although I have been fine having my tattoos. Tattoos I can easily sit through, mind you I have not had them in painful places, however, blood been taken no way, I freak out! I hate having my blood taken, hats off to the people who give blood.

I digress, apologies. I thought it would be best to share my birthing experience as part of this challenge. So now she is here…..

Preparing for birth, I read Giovanna Fletchers – Happy Mum, Happy Baby, it is amazing how much as a first-timer how much you do not get told, thankfully reading this book prepared me and I took on board what Giovanna shared. I did have to contact a few friends who are mummies for some advice.

No matter how much you prepare yourself, you are never ready for the unknown. Four days before Baby T’s due date I was told I had an infection again, the same I had a month previously, panic set in, I had a birthing plan, did this mean I needed to be induced or have a c-section? Reassured by the midwife and Dr this was not the case, I just had to sit and wait.

Sit and wait we did, she did not want to make her appearance. I have never been so frustrated and impatient (and I know I can be impatient). We tried everything to coax her out the spicy foods, red wine, the bumpy car ride to the clary sage oil nothing was happening, I was giving up.

This was the worse thing, waiting for the pain, the pain every woman who has ever given birth has said is the worse pain in the world. I knew I wanted an epidural but then I got reading again, (the biggest fail) reading blogs of the horrific aftermath of birth, panic once again set in and the midwife had to reassure me. Yes, it is not pleasant in certain cases but everyone is different and why do people write these things.

The big day finally came and quite frankly I do not know why I worried. After reading most things I was prepared for the worse. Set on having an epidural and trying to be pain-free as much as I could, it could not have gone more differently. I did not even have the epidural and as I said I was terrible with pain but some how managed to surprise myself, Mr N and my mother, who was my birthing partner that I could through it on gas and air alone. 

After being convinced I was not going to be able to do this without the epidural and I did, I was completely shocked and amazed with what my body, my mind was able to achieve in 14 hours of labour.

Some readers may think, it is child-birth, thousands of women go through it daily, so what but as many mummy bloggers can probably agree, it is an amazing thing to happen and you can either surprise yourself or maybe it does not always go to plan. For certain, I did expect what happen and I am proud of myself for achieving what I did and how I managed everything naturally. I am so grateful that I had a wonderful family by my side also.

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