Week 16 – Gratitude Challenge – Simple Things in Life 

After the arrival of baby T, simple life pleasures enjoyed before mean less and new pleasures mean more.

Life before was little things like a cup of tea to make me feel better and reading a good book in my favourite pyjamas. IMG_4837 - Copy

As a lover of autumn, all of the autumn colours, the leaves falling, the comfort foods, the smell of bonfires in the air and that time when I pull out my tan boots, chunky scarves and jumpers to wrap up. Pure pleasure for me is visiting Westonbirt arboretum during this time too or a pumpkin patch to pick out the biggest pumpkin to carve into a jack o’ lantern, scooping out the pumpkin to make either a paella or a soup. IMG_4839

Another simple pleasure is small treats, whether it is a bunch of my favourite flowers, a new book or a lipstick. I find it really important to have small treats to either cheer you up or as a reward for something you have achieved this week, month or day. Something I learnt to do through my CBT treatment was that if I managed to achieve my everyday priorities or necessaries, my reward would be something pleasurable. I know I have spoken about this before and it can be the smallest of treats, like a cup of tea in your favourite mug. I found this a great way to enjoy simple things in life and feel good.

The simplest of pleasures can be found in a hug, it always makes you feel better when you are feeling blue. A cuddle from Mr N is the best feeling, they are free and always available. Sarah+DanEngagement_DarcieJudson_032
As most people who know me, know I love my Pinterest and a few year’s ago I started a board of Life’s Pleasures. It made me laugh as it was full of imagines of bubble baths with candles and cups of tea or coffee in beds of crisp cotton sheets whilst watching films with popcorn. I realised that although these have been pinned, this level of bliss has never been actually achieved, certainly something to work towards. It is amazing how a bath, pamper time or time to yourself makes you feel better and it is the simplest of things.

However, these were pleasures before Baby T my simple pleasure in life now is waking up in the morning to see her little face. I am grateful that we were blessed and it is the simplest of pleasures.

PSssttt….. Sundays are a great simple pleasure

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