Week 18 – Gratitude Challenge – The Weather 

Well, what a topic to share during this typically British summer, not sure I can be fully grateful as it seems our summer was back in May. Heavily pregnant, unable to cope with the heat which was unusual for me as I love the hot sunshine, I feel I missed it.

However, saying that I love autumn so the fact we have been experiencing this weather has allowed us, well me to get excited about autumn arriving.

A recent trip to The White Company confirmed that. Last year I was unable to get my hands on their autumn candle, mainly because I was too slow and they sold out. This year I got in there early. In addition to that my mother was doing her usual slipper shopping so I was treated to a pair of Pom Pom slips for my tootsies.

Even as we walked home from our little treat spree the air had whiffs of autumn. Later that evening as I bathed baby T, I put the heating on for the first time in months to warm the towels on the towel rail. It has definitely been getting chilly as the nights draw in.

Mr N told me that we were in for an Indian summer and a heat wave was coming but after a pretty wet July and August with flooding in certain parts of the UK I am not convinced baby T will get to wear her summer dresses.

I decided to reach under my bed to pull out and dust off my autumn boots, oh how I had missed them. img_2839

The most frustrating thing about social media is how people complain when it is too hot and then complain again when it is cold. I wonder if they are happy with the in between? The weather in the UK can be unpredictable but for me, it is not that bad, I enjoy wrapping up on cold days and basking in the sun on hot days.

Just after Baby T was born, I realised I did not have a rain coat with a hood, I would not be able to push a pram with an umbrella, so I started to scan the sales for the perfect coat. Thankfully, the perfect coat was found, I could not have been more chuffed I was hoping for rain.

The weather certainly can determine your mood, depending on if it is warm or cool you prefer. For this week I have been grateful to have the first feelings of autumn my favourite season for this weeks challenge. Bring it on, officially starting 22nd September.

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