The Benefits of Hanging Eucalyptus in your Shower

As summer draws to an end and autumn approaches we can start to lose our energy as the darker mornings set in.

Eucalyptus is just the thing you need, I picked up a few stems from my local florist around the corner from my house for £3 not only is it affordable but it lasts a while.

Well known for its relieving symptoms with respiratory problems it also acts as an anti-inflammatory and it is the best to help energize first thing in the morning.

All you need to do is hang a few bunches in your shower, I recommend behind the shower head to keep them for longer. The steam from your shower or bath will release its beautiful scent, helping to open up your airways perfectly if you are a bit congested.

Along with the above, the steam releases beneficial oils that:

  • Works as an Antiseptic
  • Helps towards Anti Stress
  • Helps Mental Clarity
  • A Mood Enhancer
  • It will purify the air

I recommend this as a wonderful way to add purity and it is a simple little pleasure to your bathing routine with the bonus of great benefits.

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