Week 20 – Gratitude Challenge – A Friend 2

Another challenge is to talk about a friend and this time I nominated my old housemate and general crazy Ozzy, Andy.

I have chosen Andy because as friends go, he is pretty awesome. He introduced me to Game of Thrones, we both have a love for the Foo Fighters, Bowie and Prince and he appreciates my infamously bad dad dance in the kitchen.


We met four years ago when I rented a room in his apartment, well it happened to be his room I rented, good job too because I needed the wardrobe space. Since then we struck up a friendship and realised we had a lot in common.

We have seen each other through dark times and good times, I value his opinion and although I do not always listen or take his advice, it is still valuable to me.

He now lives in Abu Dhabi, yet despite the time difference, he will answer my WhatsApp messages in the middle of the night. He was also a fantastic tour guide when I decided to fly out for my 30th, I absolutely love it out there, and thankful that thanks to Andy, I had the opportunity to go.


Our sense of humour bounces off each other and people sometimes think we are mad, but he is a great friend and even though he is miles away when he returns home, we still find time to share cookie dough and go for a Starbucks.


Thank you for being there for me in times of need and I am grateful to have a friend like you. Here is my little gallery of Andy in dedication of our friendship. Here is to more crazy adventures.

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