Week 21 – Gratitude Challenge – Something I Use Every Day

Well, I’m guessing the one thing you think of that you use every day is a mobile phone, whether it be an iPhone or smart phone we are not without it. True, I rarely put my phone down, always taking a photograph or looking on social media, you can google anything on the go but why did we become so attached to them?

I am not going to write about being grateful for my iPhone that I use every day, because frankly although I can not live without my phone, most of the time I wish I was not sucked in to checking my social media, reading and receiving the negativity from it, using it so frequently that I get frustrated with people who say ‘you’re always on your phone’ then themselves proceed to be unsocial on theirs. I am definitely not grateful for the frustrations my phone brings.

Well, I decided to share with you something I use, that I have briefly mentioned before my Essential Oil Diffuser and oils.

The reason I am writing about this again but I’m more detail is that yes, I use it every day when I am home which is more now than ever but also to share how beneficial they are.

When I was growing up my mum became an aromatherapist and in our house, she set up a little studio to practice this on clients, from then I had a fascination with the smell of the oils and their healing properties. Always believing in herbal remedies, we as a family have used them more than prescription drugs.

In everyday life, you can use essential oils in your bath or shower, with massage and inhalation. One of my favourite ways is by vaporisation, they make fantastic natural air fresher whilst fragrancing the room setting a mood.

Since joining Neal’s Yard Remedies I have learnt a lot more about how essential oils are produced. Essential oils are extracted by one of three ways, steam distillation, extraction or expression this all depends on what plant is used or how fragile it is.

Blending essential oils is very easy and you create blends depending on your mood whether you want to relax, rebalance, re-energise, uplift or cleanse. Essential oils are highly concentrated and need to be blended with either a carrier oil, lotion, bath or shower gels even milk before they are applied to the skin.

These are my favourite oils to diffuse:

For Relaxing:

Lavender – One of the most used oil with a long list of healing properties. This oil helps me sleep, recharge and help if I’m feeling irritable. I add it to my baths normally to help me drift off.

Ylang Ylang – This oil is a great sedative and has helped me in the past when I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks.

For Uplifting Moods:

Geranium – A great oil to restore balance and calm. I have used this when I have been suffering from anxiety and unable to sleep. I blend this oil with lavender and bergamot.

Bergamot – No wonder I love this one, I am an earl grey drinker and as a key ingredient it was going to be a favourite. Bergamot is great for rebalancing as it works as an antidepressant, I blend it with frankincense.

To Cleanse:

Tea Tree – Not just to treat spots, it is great to help stimulate your mind.

Eucalyptus – This is a really refreshing oil, it is perfect for inhalation to ease breathing and yet be warming at the same time. When I have a cold I blend this with lavender.

Originally my first diffuser was purchased to help me breathe at night when I sleep. I was living in a flat where the heating was not so much controlled by us, sure you could turn the radiators off but in the winter you would not want to, so I would sleep with a window open, being on the first floor, heat rising etc I would become very stuffy so I invested in a diffuser so I could inhale eucalyptus to keep my airways  clear.

Then, when I had trouble sleeping I would add lavender so I could relax before bed, it would also calm my nerves after a long day with my stressful job at the time.

Now, I have two in the house, one downstairs and one in the bedroom. Every day, I diffuse a smell depending on the mood, especially in the winter days and we have colds eucalyptus is key.

I could not be without my diffuser’s. The soothing mists and lights with right oils to either start my day or finish it. Improving the air quality and consuming very little power.

I highly recommend everyone to get one.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly says:

    Love my diffuser too!!! Now that the colder weather is coming and I tend to put the heating on all the time I need extra moisture from my diffuser! Plus I tend to use more uplifting blends to keep me happy through the winter. Every house should have one!!

    1. ladymckew says:

      Couldn’t agree more. x

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