My Top 5 Netflix Series

It has been a while since I shared favourites with you like this. Since getting Netflix I have become a serial binger of series. Yes, I am one of those who sits and watches for hours. Netflix has definitely been worth the money so I thought I would share with you my favourites, if you have not seen them, then get yourself some popcorn and bottle of wine, get comfy.

Stranger Things

Oh gosh! This is my favourite, I literally watched this series over two days – it took that long as I had to be an adult and go to work in between. A tale of 4 boys set in the 80s, one goes missing then dark sinister things start to happen in their town due to a government lab. Winona Ryder is fantastic in this series and each episode leaves you on the edge of your seat. This year sees the return of the series in October and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Orange is the New Black

A few years ago reading in the press how amazing this series that Netflix had produced I decided to indulge. Every year since I have eagerly awaited the new season and this year was no different, I watched the new series in a day! Yes, a day! Set in a women’s prison, each episode tells you how the women became incarcerated along with everyday life in prison. What troubles will they get themselves into next? Full of comedy, drama and lovable characters it is a must see.

The Crown

This is a biographical drama series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II that has won a string of awards. Good thing it has really as Netflix took a gamble with this series that cost £100 million to produce. This December sees the return of our Queen in its second series and I cannot wait to see what they do next with the story.


This was a suggestion made by a friend to watch and it is a purely tacky chick series like Pretty Little Liars. I realise this is not a Netflix original but I have only been able to watch it on Netflix. It is a story of a young Mary Stuart and her life, marriage in France and return to Scotland. I am currently on season 4 and continue to watch even though most scenes are too modern for the era, along with music of the modern day turned Elizabethan it can be a bit cringe worthy, yet I find myself watching more.

Making a Murderer

This is a heart wrenching true life story of Steven Avery that will make you frustrated and have anger towards the American justice system. Steven Avery was wrongful accused, this documentary follows the authorities who convicted him for a crime he did not commit, be set free to only later convict him again of murder. People watching have started to follow the case and campaigning for his release as it seems he has been wrongly accused again.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. alattestyle says:

    I never could get into stranger things! But reign was really great! I forgot which season I stopped at ❤️

    1. ladymckew says:

      Ooo you should give Stranger Things a go again. Reign is good, I need to do some binging on that again ❤️

      1. alattestyle says:

        It’s just not my type of show, I went through 2 episodes and had to switch to something else haha

  2. 👏 The 👏 Crown 👏! Loved it so much that I needed a lot more British monarchy media in my life ASAP… Check out my guide on what to read and watch next!

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