Week 22 – Gratitude Challenge – Favourite Physical Trait

Oh gosh, this challenge is hard work, I struggled with the challenge on week 12 when I had to talk about my favourite personality trait now I have to share my favourite physical trait.

My personality trait blog, I shared what people thought, this challenge I cannot and this is a bit harder as my body is recovering from the birth of my first child.

What I have realised was that, despite my complaining of my body before becoming a mummy, I was actually quite lucky. I ate okay, pretty healthy, I could have had room for improvement, I did not really exercise, my excuse was that my job was very demanding and I had a good size 8 figure. I know some of you of will be thinking lucky you, I have to work hard to achieve that but honestly hats off to you for working hard.

Now, my body has gone through changes I am adjusting to my new body, although friends and family say I have got my figure back, I have not quite, My hips and rib cage have expanded, my wardrobe has had a deep clean of bottoms, tops, jumpers and lingerie. Poor Mr N, I swear he thinks my shopping habit is back with a vengeance.

I was lucky I did not suffer from stretch marks on my tummy when pregnant but the top of my thighs suffered. At first, I was a bit upset, that I did not use my Mother Balm by Neal’s Yard Remedies there and just on my tummy, but now I see them as hero marks. I did not have a great pregnancy, I had a lot of struggles and illnesses and the fact that my hips, my thighs and derriere took the brunt of the baby weight a few marks to remind me of how amazing my body tried to cope during this time is not as bad as I first thought, my body did quite well, it could have been a lot worse.fullsizeoutput_152

I admit that still now, I appreciate it is early days but I am still coming to terms with my body, shopping has become difficult I do not like a lot of things on me and I am still criticising myself but I have the reminder that my body went through a lot.

‘Your body is not ruined. You’re a tigress who has earned her stripes’

I think that these hero marks as I am now so fondly calling them is my favourite physical trait, they are reminders of my best creation, my daughter. img_2863

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