WellChild Cheltenham in Association with Aviva Community fund 2017


WellChild is a charity in Cheltenham that provides care for seriously ill children and young people in the UK. Founded in 1977 they introduced and funded WellChild nurses who implement support and care to those who need long-term or complex care in the comfort of their own home to help them thrive. Alongside this WellChild operate a home improvement scheme called Helping Hands, this allows a support of volunteers to provide home improvements to adapt homes to the needs of the children and invest money in research and other projects.

If you have not heard of the Aviva Community Fund here is what they do. Members of your community can submit an idea, cause or project to make a difference to your community lives. The funding ranges from up to £1,000 to £25,000. All they have to do is rally the community to vote for the entry, those with the highest votes become finalists, finalists will then go through to the judging panel to decide the winners.

This year I have the privilege of meeting WellChild in Cheltenham, whose work consistently continues to help families who require care for a child who has unique care needs at home. In 2016 Aviva Community funding gave WellChild the opportunity to purchase materials to improve gardens and bedrooms for a child in need. This year WellChild hope to raise money again through Community support to help fund more families across the UK.TWM_WellChild_101215_0176

Last year Wellchild were able to complete six projects with the £25,000 funding from Aviva, through their Helping Hands scheme. Six gardens were completed over two days by local companies who volunteered their services to make families gardens safe and accessible for their children. With this funding, the quality of life has improved for both the family and children and demonstrated how small things can make a difference to local communities.

In 2016, 36 projects were completed and this year applications for help is growing, WellChild are in need for the funding to help purchase more tools and materials to help these families thrive and have a better quality of life. This year, with the funding from Aviva, WellChild want to be able to help more families by increasing the available time to help, some families need help with storage of the medicines required, with the money from Aviva, Wellchild will be able to provide this for families or possibly ramps to help access around their home with more resources they would be able to help more applications.SQR Curtis

Do you know a local project that needs funding?

For local projects, small things can make a big difference, but funding may be a challenge.

That’s where the Aviva Community Fund comes in. It’s back now until the 10th October to support good ideas making a real difference where it matters most. So hurry, get your thinking cap on to submit a project.

Aviva is offering four funding levels, from up to £1,000 to up to £25,000 To apply for funding, just tell Aviva how your project will make a positive change in one of these categories:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Skills for life
  • Community support
  • Inclusivity

You need votes to get your project to the finals, so start rallying friends, family and neighbours now! However, Aviva knows how much work it can take for volunteers in smaller projects to pull their entries together and rally voters.

Most smaller projects ask for funding up to £1,000, so to recognise all their hard work, Aviva will automatically give the first 200 projects to reach 1,000 votes in this funding level the funding they ask for. If you’re one of the lucky 200 projects, Aviva will let you know. If you’re not one of those 200 projects, you’re still in with a chance of winning your funding.

To get involved, submit a project or vote visit http://www.aviva.co.uk/community-fund. Entries opened on 12th September, closing dates for entries on 10th October 2017.20170308_145348





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