Week 25 – Gratitude Challenge – Education

I was dreading this one, I did not particularly like school in my later years, since moving away from London I struggled to fit in. At first, people thought I was from Australia, slightly interesting, of course being 13 I thought this was slightly obscure.


I loved my friends at home and the school I went to, I was gutted the day my mother told me we were moving to the Cotswolds. Something if I am honest, I have not forgotten and shared with my mother recently.

I could share my education during college years when we moved to the outskirts of Cirencester when I enrolled at the local College. I made a good group of friends back then and also met Mr. N when he turned up! However, still, I would not say I am grateful for this education. I loved studying Art, I would do this again and develop it further in the future. IMG_6265

Since leaving college and going into the big world I have studied my passions such as photography which I completed last year with a distinction, fashion, countless retail NVQs and now once again I am studying a Digital Marketing Diploma. I have found that by self-teaching myself with crafty things has been much more enjoyable, I very much enjoy workshops also.

I am only grateful for the education I have I achieved since my educational days but I think if I had my time again I would have chosen different courses and directions in life. However, if you know me you would know I secretly want to go to Hogwarts!!


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