Week 28 – Gratitude Challenge – My Past

Another challenging post where I really had to think about what to share with you. I decided to share my childhood memories of where I grew up as my past.

I grew up in a small village called Cookham on the edge of Maidenhead in Berkshire and this is still one of my favourite places, possibly because of the memories made here in during my childhood. However, it has changed and become more built up in recent years. It is where my grandparents lived their lives, where my parents grew up and met. I was heartbroken when we left, I was only 12 years old at the time.

Maidenhead is the largest town in the capital of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

In the summer there was so much to do, we were on the Thames, so we could regularly share a picnic on the riverbanks even take a boat trip along the river. I was very lucky to share my 8th birthday on a boat with my friends.

Back in the 90s, Maidenhead was the home of the Crystal Maze when it was not being filmed for the television series it was open to the public, it was great fun.

One memory I have is when I was 8, on the night of my Brownie’s initiation I went to visit my grandparents to proudly show them my uniform, travelling back from their house down the hill of Long Lane, in the distance, we could see the fire that engulfed north-east wing of Windsor Castle.

Copas Brothers Farm was just down the road from our house and we would go picking there in the summer months and at Christmas, my mother would buy one of their wonderful turkeys.

It was also where the Spice Girls lived before they hit the big time. In fact, just a few doors down from our first house there. Yes, I did love the Spice Girls back then, Take That had broken up and my world was shattered as a super fan, Ahhh the 90s.


I have so many memories of my childhood here and I am grateful for the experiences and friends I had here. As they say, certain songs trigger memories and places, I certainly have a few of here. Following the recent documentary by George Michael, his album Older triggers memories of being here as it was played regularly by my parents.

I am grateful I was able to grow up by the river and be surrounded by fabulous places, some still there some unfortunately not. These are where my favourite past memories are.

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