Humble Brush

I am just giving a small shout out Blog Post to the Humble Brush a bamboo toothbrush designed in Sweden.

This toothbrush is made out of 100% biodegradable bamboo, as the fastest growing plant on our planet, it is naturally antibacterial so during the farming of the plant, there is no need to use nasty pesticides. Humble follow keeping the brush pure during their production of the brush by making it by hand.

The bamboo is cut into strips, steamed and stripped a few times dried in the sun and then cut into the pieces or shaped to make the brush.

So, what about the bristles? How are these eco-friendly? Well, Humble has carried out extensive testing on degradable nylon and had their bristles verified BPA free. The humble brush has been designed by Dentists to ensure we get the best in oral care.

But, it is not just about the fact that the brush is environmentally friendly but it is Humbles vision, they have made it their duty to take care of others. They work hard to ensure that children in need get a helping hand, every Humble brush purchased goes towards funding projects to help. Such as, helping children have access to dental care to prevent oral disease.

By changing the way that we produce toothbrushes, they are creating a brush that is good for your smile but kind to our planet by giving something back. We fill our oceans and land with used products and plastics year on year especially toothbrushes. We are advised to change our toothbrush every 3 months, that is 4 brushes a year each apparently it is an average of 160 brushes in a lifetime. IMG_4342

For me, these guys are awesome not only are they giving children the chance to show off pearly whites but they are helping to save the oceans and the planet. They are also certified by the Vegan Society. I did not realise until I did further research into Humble that they also make a toothpaste, which I will definitely get my hands on to try.


Join the movement. Make the switch. Go Humble.

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