Week 29 – Gratitude Challenge – My Favourite Memory

I realise that I have shared memories with you all during this challenge and to think of a favourite is hard, especially as 2017 has given me my daughter and I married my best friend. These are obviously my favourite memories but I realise I would be writing another gushy post that Mr N would mention.

So, I thought back to one when I was younger and that I have never forgotten. It is not exactly a favourite but one that makes me smile as did the gentleman featured in my story, my grandad.

My grandad was full of knowledge, you could mention something and he would have a fact for you. This one particular memory was when I was a teenager studying my GSCE’s I decided to take History and as much as I loved learning about it, I was useless in the exam. We were studying WW2 something my grandad was an expert in really. From a young age he would show me books on the aeroplanes or boats involved in the war, he gave me a book called The World at War which I have kept and probably have read 3 times.

On one visit to my grandparents he asked me how I was getting on, as we were at lunch we did not want to talk at lengths about the War so I replied almost at the end, and nothing more was said. As we said goodbye, he said I want you to find out what enigma is, challenge accepted grandad I said.

Off, I went to research this and discovered it was the code-breaking machine used in WW2, having not learnt about this yet, I asked my history teacher about it, a substitute teacher as our history teacher was pregnant at the time, so halfway through went on her maternity leave. Unfortunately, I cannot remember this substitute teachers name but he seemed to like me as in our first lesson I was the only one in the class who knew what Utopia meant. Anyway, he explained to me in great detail what the machine did, who invented it, about Bletchley Park so I was thrilled to go back to my grandad with this new found knowledge.

As I sat explaining all I had read and learnt to my grandad, he sat quietly and listened to me blabbing on about something I knew quite clearly he knew all about. When I had finished my long verbal lesson to him, he said ‘that’s good, but it is not what I meant’ what! I thought? Surely this was it!

No, you see my grandad was a clever man and a joker at times, and my problem was and is, I never look at things simply. My grandad turned to me and smiled saying ‘Enigma is a puzzle’

I could not believe, he just wanted a simple answer, but possibly he did it to see whether I was paying attention and learning after all.

The biggest tut and eye roll came from me, as I could not believe it was something so simple. He laughed to which then I laughed and gave him a hug. This was the great thing about my grandad he made me laugh.

I never forgot this, we laughed and shared it with family and friends. I miss my grandad ever so much, so this is one of my favourite memories of him, his cheeky but knowledgeable way of checking up on me.

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