Week 30 – Gratitude Challenge – My Current Age

Well, obviously I am not too happy about sharing this one! However, I feel my life has started at 30! So I will share a few positives from my 30s so far as part of this challenge, some I know I mention regularly and have blogged before, but as this is a gratitude challenge these are things I am truly grateful for.

I took a trip to celebrate my 30th, to the gorgeous place of Abu Dhabi, I loved it so much I wish I had stayed longer, I am definitely planning on going back at some point. Abu Dhabi – Travel Review

My relationship with my best friend blossomed unexpectedly and now we share a beautiful daughter. I even agreed to marry him, I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful person to share my life with.

My beautiful daughter, after being told I would not be able to be a mother and suffering miscarriages, I was finally blessed with baby T and I am truly grateful for such a wonderful gift.

Finally doing what I want to do, I did enjoy my job until I was made to realise that actually everything I was doing was a waste of my energy and there was more to life. Doing what I love is so much more rewarding for me, it is a slow start as most things are when you start out but I am proud I have achieved in a short space of time and what is to come is exciting too. Rome was not built-in a day!

Posts like these, although short and maybe sweet are helping me to remember how lucky I am, focusing on the positives. I mainly started this challenge to help me along with the CBT I was going through and still some days, like today I have moments where my mind clouds with negativity but with this and writing everything down each day I am fighting through a dark cloud.

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