Copyrighting your Photographs

It is the sad truth that nothing is safe now. A harsh lesson I learnt recently, I was worried I was being overly sensitive but after talking to a friend who was a photographer, I realised I was not.

We add our photographs to so many social media channels now, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest but are we happy with others sharing them? Taking credit?

I admit I have used photographs from Pinterest a few times, it is the biggest site where we can take images and use them as we please.

But what about those photographs we treasure the most, innocently shared with our friends so they know what we are doing, feeling or purchased.

I do not mind my images being used as long as I am mentioned or asked permission. It seems only polite to give credit. It is not polite to use someone else’s images to gain followings or increase your business.

After talking to my friend who advised me to kindly ask the account to either credit myself or remove the photo from their site, I started to look into this further, she told me that there are apps you download or purchase to watermark your photographs. As it has happened to her as a photographer but is not sad that now I feel I must watermark some of my imagines on Instagram, on here and twitter.

You can always ask for payment if you want your imagines used but if I am honest to my knowledge this has only happened once, but I am sure my images have been used in some way without my permission. I am now carefully choosing what photographs I watermark, but I will certainly not stop sharing because of it.

Regram It is a great app to use when sharing others posts on Instagram

I have started to use Watermark Studio X to mark my photographs, I highly recommend it.

This is not just for bloggers but anyone who wants to keep their photos safe. I have learnt that the etiquette on social media is to ask permission, I did not blink twice when I asked my uncle who is a professional photographer whether I could have a watermarked photo that he took of me and a celebrity, I wanted to protect his work so why can we not practice this with others?

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  1. jewelant says:

    Many Pinterest pictures are copyrighted and not free to use. On Pinterest you’re supposed to share with a link from where you got the picture, although that isn’t always done. My stuff is on there and I own the copyright to all my work. However, a couple of time I’ve had stuff stolen elsewhere, and all references to my name removed and then posted to a domain that claims all “their” photos are “public domain” They have been sent a request to take down my photo, but as of a week later have not done so. I wrote my own article on it here:

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