Week 32 – Gratitude Challenge – A City I Have Visited

As my travels have become very few recently I am going to throw back to the last time I visited Bath as it is one of my favourite places to day trip to. A few times, I have looked into moving to Bath, even studying there. The views and architecture are superb, it is a bucket list visit.

Set in the countryside of the southwest of the UK, Bath is well known for their hot natural springs and Georgian 18th-century architecture and of course it is home to the original Roman baths and temples it is a great place for travelling tourists from around the globe.IMG_6548

One cold December day, myself and Mr N caught the train from Cheltenham Spa to head to Bath, my mission the Christmas market. Now, one of the most popular UK Christmas markets.

Even though I have been to Bath so many times, I had never actually visited the Roman Baths, these were absolutely spectacular, I could have dived in, if allowed. There are four features to the baths, the Sacred Spring, Roman Temple, Bath house and the museum which houses the finds from the Roman Bath. The baths themselves are below street level and the upper buildings are dated the 19th century. We learnt so much

Bath Abbey is next on my list when I visit, it is just stunning. It is actually the Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, but it has been lovingly nicknamed Bath Abbey, with its gothic architecture it is a beautiful landmark, it is the last of the great medieval churches of England founded in 1499.IMG_6532

One of my favourite spots is the Pulteney Bridge, what is it with bridges? It crosses the River Avon, built in 1774 connecting the city with a newly built Bathwick a Georgian town of the time.

The Bath Fashion Museum, I cannot tell you how many times I have visited here, during my school days and college days for inspiration and information. The last time I attended an exhibition where it was all about Italian Fashion something close to my heart as I worked for Italian designers.IMG_1099

Another trip for the hit list is the Jane Austen Centre, a place where you can take an afternoon tea and experience Jane Austen’s life in Bath at this permanent exhibition. When in Rome as they say

The Circus, of course, this is a historic circle of townhouses designed by architect John Wood. They took 14 years to complete and is the typical Georgian design.

Bath is full of tiny little streets with quirky fun shops to explore and full of museums. I have now lived in the Cotswolds for 20 years (gosh! Did not think it was that long) and every time I visit Bath there is something new to explore. We are so lucky to have this on our doorstep.

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