Week 33 – Gratitude Challenge – Core Value

I have never thought about my core values before, until now. I have always believed that honesty is the best policy, I admit I made mistakes to protect others in the past but it was not worth it.

I used to say to my youngest sister all the time, there is no point in lying or hiding the truth, it will always come out in the end. I was right, it became something my mother knew of me, and if I am honest, I was rubbish lying to her, I would always smile or laugh and she just knew. Guess it is a mother thing, but I could always tell if my sister was hiding something, even until this day, I know!

I have been lied to and it is something that hurts deeply, something I am working on through my CBT, the power of letting go of this pain that haunts.

Since being with Mr N, I have been completely honest with him, if I have done something I have always told him. I do not even hide secret clothes or shoe purchases at the back of the wardrobe from him, claiming I have had it for years! It is truly my core value and I did not realise this until I discovered this quote on Pinterest.

This screams volumes to me as this year, I was victim to a very vicious situation where honesty was not present, I had to do what that quote states for my own self.

It can be hard to believe that humans will lie without an conscience to the well being and thoughts of the person it is affecting. How do they sleep at night? The important thing I learnt was that I knew the truth, as did the people who knew me, not necessarily my family but people I have worked with, met and become friends with and although I am still fighting this demon I will come through it.

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