Week 37 – Gratitude Challenge – Things I have learnt in 2017

I admit I am posting this a bit late with the New Year in full swing but after a Christmas full of colds in our household and visitors each side of Christmas it has been hard to knuckle down on my computer.

Well, what a year it has been as I keeping saying and most of you have been following me on this journey. However, it did not start that well even though I had so much to look forward too. As I am unable to discuss what happened I have learnt a hell of a lot.

This blog post may come across very negative but the truth is, it is a harsh lesson that is life and unless you are experiencing it or gone through it you will know what I mean


It does seem you can not trust a lot of people these days, call me naive but I always see the best in people despite what people tell me. This unfortunately has bitten me hard this year, and as I said this may seem harsh but now I do not give the benefit of the doubt and always approach with caution. People I trusted lied and cheat to get ahead and I know that as sad as it is an unfortunate burn of life I have endured but learnt from.

However, on the positive side the amount of love I have felt this year is overwhelming. You have never experienced love fully until you have had a child. Marrying my best friend comes right up there.

I am looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings for our little family.

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  1. Adele Sage says:

    Really enjoy reading your blog Lady McKew. Although 2017 started off badly for you you are now a gorgeous mother to your little girl and wife to your chef husband. What better way to start 2018. Xx

    1. ladymckew says:

      Thank you Adele 😘

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