The New Year and Really The New You?

I can immediately put my hands up and say I have not stuck to a New Years resolution, I have always found an excuse or a reason not to continue with the promises I make myself. Before it was because of work commitments or I did not have the time, if I am honest it is probably down to the fact I did not push myself hard enough and became lazy.

This does not mean I can not do it because I know I can, for example a few years ago I decided to join in with Stoptober, back in the day when I had no commitments I decided to quit smoking and drinking! It was a tough month, especially as I was unable to celebrate birthdays and special occasions that all seemed to pop up that month. However, I made it to the end and raised a decent amount I thought from friends and family.

This year, I have no excuse I am now enjoying my home life with my family as I have ditched my career to concentrate on them. There are parts of life that could be improved though so my challenge for the New Year is to complete these changes, who is with me?

Media Overload

I am terrible, always on my phone and now I am going to take the time to spend less time on it. I sat down one day looking through all the social media channels thinking gosh how to do people have time to do these posts with a full time job and children, then I realised maybe they are not on their phones constantly. I could put down my phone and get on with the things I need doing, that subsequently I complain I have not had time to do. It has gotten so bad I am writing blogs in the bath, instead of enjoying them. I have a mountain of books to read that I haven’t finished, my phone is overloaded with photos of our daughter as every little thing she does I want to capture – I admit this is not a bad thing. So what will I do from now on

  1. No phones at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table (unless it’s for a blog post)
  2. I will leave my phone to charge downstairs and not under my pillow – I will buy us an alarm clock
  3. I will not use my phone 90minutes before bed, instead I’ll read my books I must finish.
  4. I will not Blog in the bath!

I hope with this new found time I will be able to get all chores done before my husband gets home and be able to spend more time doing the things I love, now the sewing machine is repaired and new patterns were received at Christmas.

The Health Kick

As always I want to jump on the healthy lifestyle eating promise but I know that I will probably give up, this will not stop me. I have the tools in the kitchen and the power to do it so I will give it my best shot again. Starting with breakfast, I must have breakfast my husband is always telling me and now my mother in law. The added reason is I need to lose my baby belly. People comment that I look great but frankly my tummy still sticks out and it is only me to blame. The doctor did tell me to do something about otherwise I will continue to look 6 Months pregnant. I did not really exercise before having a baby as my job was a lot of running around, now I have slowed down the weight does not shift. In the sales I purchased 3 pairs of jeans all I could not do up, it was so depressing.

I never drink enough water, I really should for a healthier me.

Breaking the Bank

We have a joint resolution, we are tightening our belts to save for the dream home. No more little treats or unnecessary indulgences. I recently hit the January sales and spent a small fortune on our little lady however, I brought her hoard from Marks and Spencer’s as she is so little the last clothes spend was in September I brought the size 3-6month and at 6 months she is only just fitting into them, so I know these will last a while being 6-9months. To be honest as a mother when Marks and Spencer’s have a sale the prices are so good you would be crazy not too, plus they are super cute. This sale hit was the last of the spending.

Well, that is my plan for 2018, losing the baby belly on a budget avoiding social media overloads. My fantastic husband has helped me kick start this, I am now a proud owner of a FitBit, a special wake up alarm clock and more charcoal for my filtered water bottle so I have no excuse. Some wonderful friends from Australia introduced me to Lucy Wyndham’s videos on YouTube for some workouts and I also decided to download 8Fit App and Down Dog Yoga App to help.

Here goes, so wish me luck

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