Keeping Well this Winter with my Top 5 from Neals Yard Remedies

As the viruses and bugs circulate during winter it is really important to keep well.

I have already suffered a cold this autumn and nothing cures it like herbal remedies. A few years ago when coming down with a dreaded cold a few times because I worked in a highly air-conditioned building, I decided to stop relying on the over the counter drugs. They do stop working after a while.img_5502

This is when I first discovered Indian milk that I mentioned in my blog post Week 20 – Gratitude Challenge – Health 

My body especially cannot handle chemicals, so I switched to a more herbal life and began to feel better on the inside and out until I fell pregnant and suffered a few nasties.

I am sharing with you my favourite herbal remedies that I use to keep myself well. My top 5 from Neal’s Yard

  1. Beauty Oil – This is really for skin, hair and nails, however, in recent years as winter hits my nails become weaker and my hair a little bit brittle. This can be used in juices, smoothies or as a salad dressing, I tend to take it by the spoonfulimg_5506
  2. Aloe Vera – I used to buy the Pukka Aloe Vera, huge bottles that used to go off so quickly and if I am honest I did not particularly enjoy the taste. I started to use the Neal’s Yard Remedies Aloe Vera because the bottle was smaller, I actually like the taste of this one, I can take it by the spoonful and not have to add it to a juice to mask the taste.img_5505
  3. Eucalyptus Pastilles – Sore Throat, no problem and these are not too mind-blowing like some of the cough sweets and pastilles you can get. It is always the first thing I suffer from when I am poorly, before colds and when my body tells me it is run down.img_5501
  4. Arica Salve – I used this when I was pregnant, my darling girl would position herself on my right side causing pressure on my hip. It was agony to walk, this was great to help with relief. Recently, I have suffered from carpal tunnel so this again is a complete lifesaver. I find that in the winter months our joints can be affected by the cold and this is the best solution to help ease the aches and pains.img_5503
  5. Warming Salve – Just like Vicks this is great to rub on your chest or pressure points that need it. It is also 100% organicimg_5504

If you would like to try any of these products you can pick them up here

Next, I will be sharing my favourite herbal teasimg_2675

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