Week 39 – Gratitude Challenge – Music I Love

For you who know me, you know that this is a truly mixed bag.

Growing up, my parents listened to amazing bands such as Yes, Rolling Stones, Sting, Phil Collins, The Jackson’s, Fleetwood Mac (big love for Stevie Nicks) and David Bowie.

My music influences certainly come from them too. I loved David Bowie since I could remember and was heartbroken when he died, but he left an amazing legacy that will never leave the music industry. The year he died I went to a talk at the Cheltenham Literature Festival for the book……. it was mentioned how Bowie had created music that is now influenced in today’s music – something I am sorry to say I do not know much about, I prefer to be old school.

At this point I knew a secret about my favourite singer and boldly asked the author as he signed my book what David would have thought to himself being featured on a stamp, oh he would have loved it he replied ……. the secret you might ask, was at that point, I knew my uncle’s photograph was to be featured in the collection of stamps, but this was hush hush at the time! If I am ever down, I listen to Bowie to bring me back, although I would prefer to be a Spaceman (well spacewoman!)

Bowie is played so regularly in my day-to-day life that I even had his greatest hits playing when my daughter was born. I do love mentioning that to people, that my daughter came into the world listening to Bowie.

Another band I feel I must mention as a favourite is Foo Fighters. Most people look at me strangely when I say I love them. I remember someone once saying but you are too prim and proper to like such music, rubbish! Never judge a book by its cover. Even my old housemate who equally loves the Foos, could not believe how excited I was to see them when we went to one of their gigs, I was screaming and dancing my socks off! I think the fact I screamed so loud for such a little person came as a shock.

As a child of the 90’s, I remember where I was the day the news announced that Kurt Cobain had committed suicide. Although late in the game in discovering my love for the Foo Fighters, I think Dave Grohl is a talented musician and if I may, I recommend you watch Sound City if you have not done so already. Their music seems to light an energy in me that motivates and cheers me up, whether it is the headbanging moments or the memories of the energetic gigs I have attended and watched in awe, I don’t know.

Talking of the 90’s, although I loved this sort of music in 1992, mayhem hit the UK when Take That took centre stage in girls hearts everywhere. Yes, I was one of them and I remember being absolutely crushed when they broke up. My bedroom was full of posters and I would watch my Take That and Party Video over and over again. When Robbie decided to go solo I was thrilled, so obviously I have all of his albums and my love for him is still strong.

Maybe, he cannot sing as so many have said, but boy is he a performer! It is a love that will never die and it was a tradition that I received a Robbie calendar every Christmas, bearing in mind I was furious one Christmas when my parents had not been quick enough to purchase it, meaning I missed out.

It was not just my parent’s love of music that hooked me into music, my Grandparent’s musical tastes also hooked me onto some greats, such as The Beatles, Frank Sinatra and Shirley Bassey. Sparking memories of listening to songs on their record player before they were bought a hi-fi system. Grandad would always put it on when we had dinner in the background, I love those memories.

Before, Mr N and I moved into together I had to buy a record player. There is nothing better the sound of the scratches on a classic album, they are meant to be there. The first LP that Mr N brought me was David Bowie’s last album, I was thrilled, to say the least. However, our collection is quite eclectic from Fleetwood Mac to Micheal Jackson, ZZ Top to Edith Piaf. The last LP I brought I was super excited about, as it was the movie soundtrack to Labyrinth. Mr N’s parents raided their loft and give us some of their old albums, I was so chuffed when we were looking through the pile and they gave us Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, what an album!

I hope that with our varied musical influences, we will bring Baby T up to enjoy the great bands and singers of days gone by. She loves listening to music and this apt baby suit was purchased by her godfather this Christmas, it is also true, added to the collection of suits brought by her godmother.

I could go on and on with the bands that I love and listen to, however, I have selected a few favourites to share with you and these are the bands who have influenced times in my life and loved for a long time, for this, I am truly grateful.

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