Week 40 – Gratitude Challenge – My Greatest Accomplishment

I do feel that during this challenge, I may possibly be repeating my Gratitudes, but maybe that is the point. I think this is going to be the most obvious blog post if you have been following my challenge over the last 40 weeks.

My greatest accomplishment is my daughter and it is only the beginning. Without repeating what I have blogged before I had some struggles along the way and finally we were blessed with Baby T.

I was so proud of myself, I am the first to throw my hands up and say I am terrible with pain, the worst. I faint at everything! I was petrified of giving birth, I read terrible stories and everyone’s experiences where ones that sound like hell.

Recently my auntie said to me, you never really know your pain threshold until you have gone through child birth. Another friend said she did not know how I managed to go through it all on just gas and air.

I remember reading another bloggers post about her experiences and thanks to her, I calmed myself slightly and made a social media friend from her. Everyone will experience it differently, but I wish the negative experiences would stay private and not add further pressure to what is no doubt a scary ride in life.

Just as that was the greatest accomplishment for me, battling through and having my husband at my side. It is a morning we will never forget.

However, we still have a way to go. Baby T is now coming up to 7months and we have so much to teach her.

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