Week 41 – Gratitude Challenge – My Hobbies

Only 13 weeks left of my challenge and now I feel I have a bit more to write about.

I have already told you stories of my love for crafting and showed you a few how to’s, so now I am stuck with what to share with you. My hobbies are crafty things from knitting to sewing, illustration, to making do and mending.

When I was pregnant, I remember a dear friend who is also a crafty fingers saying you should try knitting now you are pregnant, make little booties for my little bump. Well I decided I would learn to knit!

With help from a wonderful mentor in Australia, YouTube, my auntie and my mother, who also purchased me a book to help, I started.

I wanted to make my then husband-to-be a blanket for his birthday, please note his birthday is in May and I have still not completed this, mainly because I did it the hard way!

I started to make knitted squares to get myself used to this new skill and before long I had made a few, so I thought I will blanket stitch them together to complete my blanket. As I said I had a long break from knitting to when Baby T arrived understandably, but now as of New Years Eve as I saw the New Year in with my Australian mentor who was visiting and friends I decided to pick up those Bamboo needles and start again. The plan this time is to actually finish this for his birthday!

I still do not really know what I am doing and how I sometimes manage to add a stitch but at least this blanket will be made with love.

I never got around to making booties for Baby T, but I will try my hand at that at some point. I managed to sneak this cheeky 10p purchase from The Works in January to help with that, I just need my technique to improve. Thank goodness for YouTube!

However, I can recommend that bamboo needles are so much better to knit with, I struggled with the metal ones I had.

Watch this space for my completed blanket

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