Week 42 – Gratitude Challenge – A Mentor or Teacher

Okay, so now I admit I am smacked with another hard part of this challenge. I can not talk about a teacher or mentor who has made difference.

Back at school, I remember talking to the careers advisor who said my dreams to design fabrics was too difficult and there was no point pursuing. I recently mentioned two lovely ladies I met at a workshop who are talented avid sewers, that it was difficult for me at the secondary school I went to because although they had the facilities to teach textiles, there wasn’t enough interest taken by other students, so it was scrapped for our GCSE choices. It was only when I got to Cirencester College was I then able to start my learning journey with textiles and I loved it. Quashed by the careers adviser, it is still my dream, the only thing I need now is space.

There is one teacher who stands out for me and I remember that is my Primary School teacher, she was called Mrs Creed. I remember her losing her voice and never getting it back. Always taking cough and throat sweets to help, I do not think we ever got to the bottom of why her voice went. For two years she was my last primary school teacher and she was so lovely. I do not remember her telling or giving me any words of wisdom but I do remember her standing up to a bully once.

I could be wrong in saying this, but I do not think we are able to connect to a mentor or teacher like the old days as classrooms are now so overcrowded, teachers do not have control and children are too outspoken now. I for one could not teach and I think some teachers deserve a medal.

The fact I hated secondary school probably did not help, so I never made a connection with my teachers. College was not so bad, but I did not really think about it back then. Saying that I loved my art teacher at college.

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