Week 43 – Gratitude Challenge – My Favourite Possession

When you do not want to be too materialistic, the challenge throws in this one.

Sat at Swindon train station after an agonising day of travel, I started to prepare my future posts in this challenge and this was one of them. A cold January night full of frustrations I thought I do not have a favourite possession, I am lucky to have my family and roof over my head.

All my possessions I love, otherwise, I would not have them. The last few years after moving into our cottage, I have been taking a lifetime of possessions out of storage and then putting them back and throw half my life out, I could not keep things I did not want, need or use.

I once read a book about the art of clearing out, it frustrated me as this author was what I thought ridiculous in certain circumstances. If you do not love it throw it – I agree, throwing away instructions for electrical’s or warranties is nuts! Talk about a bite in the bum when your appliance goes bang!

I have kept some memories in a box, and although I have recently cleared that also again these are not a favourite possession they are memories, why do I keep them, I am not sure, To show my daughter one day or to spark my memories?

There are some items even my mother cannot believe I have saved or kept.

If I had to pick one particular item that means the most, it would have to be my wedding ring, not just because it is my wedding ring that my husband made vows with but it was my grandma’s which I inherited when she passed.

It was only on my wedding day I was told by my aunties that this ring was also my great grandmother’s, so now three generations in my family have worn this ring and making this so special.

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  1. Sadah says:

    Well written.

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