Week 47 – Gratitude Challenge – What I like about Spring

Spring 2018 is finally here and as it is the final season in my Gratitude challenge, I am sharing with you what I like most about this season.

Although it is not feeling like Spring currently, with the influx of snow we are currently having in the UK.IMG_7379

First on the list is the changing of the clocks, lighter evenings – cannot wait, the days feeling longer, more time in the garden or out and about, weather depending of course.

Bye Bye chunky knits and UGG boots (I love my UGGS though, they are so comfortable) and hello the brighter colours of spring and summer. The lighter shirts, the legs might even make an appearance under a skirt.

The Spring Menu – the start of salads again, fresh radishes, asparagus, watercress and of course Rhubarb. It is time to make light and vibrant stews. Not forgetting the roast lamb.


Easter – and it is not about the chocolate if I am honest, myself and Mr N are still trying to get through all the Christmas chocolate we have left over. This is about the Easter egg hunts, the lambs, the fluffy bunnies and spending time with family. This is my mothers favourite time and she always does a huge spread for the family. This year will be no different.


The Fresh Flowers – it is the time of the blooms, everything starts becoming green again and bulbs start blooming. It is all about the fresh start of the year.


Decorating – Any excuse to decorate the house again, depending on the event or time of the year. I do enjoy doing this, but it feels more special this year as I have baby T sharing it with us and as it is her first spring so why not.


The Spring Clean – I have been eagerly been getting rid of stuff we do not need, this started before Baby T arrived, the “nesting” stage, but it has not quite left me. This is a perfect time and as they say, spring clean. This year, it is time to refresh the walls with a lick of paint. Also the nitty-gritty clean, I am trying some old-fashioned recipes I hope to share with you once tried and tested that are effective, safe and affordable. Watch this space. IMG_7515

Lighter Evenings – Aaahhh the lighter days, longer evenings to spend in the garden. This year I am hoping to put full focus on our small space. So far it has been hard due to the cold weather but the buds are popping through.

As always, I am going to share with you my favourite spring pins from my Pinterest. Who’s ready for a warm spring?


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