Week 48 – Gratitude Challenge – Technology

Instead of sharing with you what technology I am grateful to have, I want to share the great minds behind technology.

However, first I must rant over the most ridiculous television advert that annoys me the more I see it. Mainly because I think the company has taken an arrogant turn. Some of you may know what I am talking about, but this particular company showing off their new product stupidly states ‘what’s a computer’ by a young person. Computers will always be around and the younger generation will always know what a computer is. We use computers in hospitals to save lives, we use computers in everyday life – Venting over (apologies)

So here are 5 top women inventors

1. The Dishwasher invented by Josephine Cochrane

Josephine Cochrane was a frequent entertainer and she wanted a machine that would wash her dishes faster than the servants in the household, and be less likely to break them.Her first machine involved a motor turning a wheel inside a copper boiler, and it was the first automatic dishwasher to use water pressure.

Following Josephine’s alcoholic husband’s death, he had left her with masses of debt. This motivated her to patent her invention in 1886 and open her own production factory. 

2. The Home Security System by Marie Van Brittan Brown

Marie Van Brittan Brown was a nurse, who was often home alone, she came up with an idea that would make her feel safer. Together with her husband Albert, Van Brittan Brown, they developed the first home security system in response to the rising crime rates and slow police responses in the 1960s.

The device was complicated, with a camera that was powered by a motor which moved up and down the door to look through a peephole. A monitor in her bedroom also came equipped with an alarm button.

3. Stem Cell Isolation by Ann Tsukamoto

Ann Tsukamoto has worked tirelessly with understanding stem cell growth. In 1991 she was awarded and since then her work has led to great advancements in understanding the blood systems of cancer patients, which could lead to a cure for the disease. 

4. Kevlar by Stephanie Kwolek

Stephanie was a chemist that invented a lightweight fibre which is used in bullet-proof vests and body armour. Following her discovery in 1965, the material, which is five times stronger than steel, has saved lives and is used by millions every day.

It is even found in household products from gloves to mobiles phones along with aeroplanes and suspension bridges. 

5. Monopoly by Elizabeth Magie

This is mine and Mr N’s favourite game and we have started a bit of a collection, however, a man named Charles Darrow is credited with creating the most popular board game in history, but the rules were invented by Elizabeth Magie.

Magie wanted to demonstrate problems with capitalism, so she thought up an innovative game in which players traded fake money and property. Her design, which she patented in 1904, was called The Landlord’s Game.

The game of Monopoly was published in 1935 by the Parker Brothers, who discovered that Darrow was not the sole creator and had brought Magie’s game for £385, and well, monopolised the game.

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  1. Pancho says:

    That smug little ad annoys me too!

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