Week 50 – Gratitude Challenge – Your job

Mmmm here is a tough one.

As most of you know due to circumstances during my pregnancy I had to leave my job, but I am going to be totally honest with you during this blog post.

It was the best thing, I have ever done!

16 years of working in the same industry, poor pay, poor treatment, no rewards for the balls you bust. As Rachel from Friends says…

And it is exactly how you think, the retail industry is just one big B****. The backstabbing is horrendous and gratitude does not exist from the people you work with, or for but also the customers. Not everyone is like the staff on Mary Portas’ show that aired a few years back causing one big headache to us polite and helpful shop staff just so you know.

However, saying that I have gone into some stores and the service is terrible. Would a smile hurt? Reply when I am trying to be polite by making conversation?

I remember being really shocked at how certain staff members would not do what was asked of them by management. When I was younger I would have never back-chatted the senior management, but maybe that is a generation thing?

Since leaving this world behind me, I can now finally realise that all of the late nights working, overtime, missing holidays, cancelling holidays, missed family events where not worth it. I was one of these people who would fob friends and family off with the excuse ‘Sorry, I am working’ so maybe I can understand the slight attitude but frankly why work in a job you hate?

During these work periods, I would lose weight and become so skinny, my mother would complain constantly, I just did not have time to eat even when I got home. On top of this become so ill, working myself into the ground. Even working when ill and being pain did not try to stop me. All went unnoticed.

I have now lost my ability to work in this environment again, mainly because of the sour taste left in my mouth. If I had to work in retail again, I would not want the responsibilities I had before. I would rather serve customers and go home to my family. Management is well behind me. It was never my plan to give up work once having a baby, the plan was to go back and finish my career but I wonder now, would it be worth it? I do not think it would, I am lucky to spend time watching my daughter grow into a little human being.

I am now appreciating that life is too short to be so stressed, so tired and wired. I watch some people stressing in these jobs and I feel for them, I really do, I am not surprised some people are secretly suffering. That was me once.

Some of you may be saying to yourselves ‘ but you are not working now, you have had a baby’ Not true! Being a mummy is a full-time job, especially as someone is crawling, standing and so close to walking right now. You cannot turn your back for a second or do things you need to do. It is exhausting.

Alongside this I have started my crafty little business, still blogging and now looking for a small part-time job just to earn a little pocket-money.

My point is I am now grateful that I am now finally being appreciated and not living off my nerves, and empty energy to please no one. I am now able to do all those little things I could not have done before just because I was exhausted or too busy.

Here is my favourite reminders:

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