Week 51 – Gratitude Challenge – 100 Things to be Grateful for

I must apologise for this being so late, do I have an excuse? Well yes, life has been taken over by a 10-month-old. The end of this challenge is almost here, so I am going to compile the final posts as I am now behind.

There is a lot of things to be grateful for, but I must admit when I saw that I had share 100 things, I thought I could not possibly think of 100 things to be grateful for, so I sat down with my notebook and started a list, soon it started to flow but I had to be careful that I did not repeat myself, so if I have I am sorry. I have saved the best to last

  1. Sunshine through the window
  2. Starting a new book and loving it
  3. Feathers
  4. Autumn Smells
  5. Comfy socks
  6. Walking through crunchy autumn leavesfullsizeoutput_167
  7. Fluffy warm towels and blankets from the dryer
  8. Sunshine on a winter’s day
  9. Late night snacks
  10. New Pyjamas
  11. The smell of freshly mowed grass
  12. A new notebook & penimg_7797
  13. Family Support
  14. Making shapes out of clouds
  15. Warm hugs
  16. Family Traditions
  17. Unexpected Surprises
  18. Your favourite tea in your favourite mugimg_0326
  19. Finding something I had lost
  20. When clothes I like go in the Sale
  21. Dipping your toes in the Sea
  22. Spotting a rainbow
  23. Making the first tracks in the snow
  24. Getting into bed with clean sheetsimg_7796
  25. The kindness of a stranger
  26. A warm shower you do not want to get out of
  27. Walking barefoot on the Sand
  28. Walking on wet grass
  29. A breeze coming through the window
  30. Bubble bathsimg_2685-1
  31. Listening to the rain in bed
  32. Movie nights with my favourite foods
  33. Learning something new
  34. Holidays with my family
  35. Inspirational Art
  36. Travelling to a new placeimg_6373
  37. Snuggling up in jumpers & scarves
  38. New Lingerie
  39. Picnics in the Park
  40. Pyjama days
  41. Taking the perfect photographIMG_1567
  42. Building a fort
  43. Falling asleep straight away
  44. Pillow Fights
  45. Eating your favourite candy
  46.  Making someone’s day
  47. Brunchimg_7794
  48. Fresh Seasonal fruit & vegetables
  49. Fairy lights
  50. Stripes & Polka Dots
  51. Pearls & Diamonds
  52. New Yummy Food you have discoveredimg_0325
  53. Buttery Toast
  54. Getting nice tweets
  55. Champagne
  56. Afternoon Tea
  57. A message from an old friend
  58. Beautiful Plantsimg_7795
  59. The smell of fresh bread I have baked
  60. Home sweet home
  61. A peaceful evening at home
  62. Candles
  63. Getting your favourite flowers
  64. Getting a new lipstickIMG_3973
  65. Hot Chocolate on a cold day
  66. Seeking Vintage Treasures
  67. Sparklers
  68. Wrapping up in a blanket
  69. Shopping indulgencesimg_2763
  70. Disney Movies
  71. Kept Promises
  72. Eating Well
  73. Warm Cookies
  74. Laughing until you cry
  75. Playing your favourite albumimg_5762-1
  76. 80’s Movies
  77. Walking around Weekend Markets
  78. Meditating
  79. Pampering yourself
  80. The smell of freshly made popcorn13397442_871100273033927_42931517_n
  81. Watching the sunrise and sunset
  82. When you get to the till and the item you are buying is reduced more
  83. Singing along to your favourite songs on the radioimg_5759
  84. Christmas
  85. The love from your petimg_6565
  86. Pinky promises
  87. Kisses on my forehead
  88. Harry Potter
  89. The Moon & the stars
  90. Things I have achieved
  91. Putting together cute outfits together for the next dayimg_4616
  92. A good nights sleep
  93. Watching a thunderstorm
  94. Cuddles
  95. When he smiles at meSarah+DanEngagement_DarcieJudson_009
  96. The love of my husband
  97. My daughters laugh
  98. When he takes my hand and smiles
  99. Family
  100. My daughters smileimg_5689

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