Week 52 – Gratitude Challenge – Things I have learnt during this challenge

The final week, it is time to reflect on this challenge.

When I started this challenge I was undergoing a course of CBT it was a horrible time but this challenge helped me through. I began to realise it was not the people who I wanted acceptance from who would make me happy or the amount in my bank account from working myself down.

It was the closest people around me, the things to look forward to, the simple and small things, the things we do not always think about.

The nicest thing was sharing memories and taking myself back to times I missed. Although we can not live in the past, happy memories or experiences should be remembered.

During this challenge, I have become a wife and a mother, my life has changed so dramatically, I do appreciate the smaller things in life, things have become more emotional now too. i.e crying at Britain’s Got Talent.

It has also shown me that life is so short and it is always the right time to grab the bull by the horns. Experiences are the best, do them more often if you can.



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