Good Old Fashioned Natural Cleaning Solutions – My How To

It has been a while since I have written at all about one of my favourite pastimes – All things Vintage and although I finding old beauties in charity shops, vintage fairs and vintage stores. I love the simple techniques used once upon a time. Not only are they cheap, effective but some all natural and free from nasties.

Before I lived with Mr N, I would clean the flat with bleach and there was always a distinct smell of Dettol in the kitchen. Once I start to clean I cannot stop sometimes having being obsessed with every cleaning product under the sun. This drives him crazy as it was pointed out a few weeks ago ‘why do we need three antibacterial sprays?’ Well, the answer was, one for the baby, one was cheap and a quick fix and the other was at the back of the cupboard. However, actually, it was not three bottles of antibacterial product in our cupboard, it was seven. Having always used Zoflora and struggling to decide on a scent because I want them all, the bottles piled up.

Using bleach on the surfaces drives Mr N crazy, claiming I should not do this as it is bad for us. Although it might kill germs and stains, it does not contain surfactants meaning it will not lift and remove grime, leaving harsh and hazardous chemicals on the surfaces. Eventually, it will eat away at the surface too. It is only good for toilets!

Most mornings in the rush to get to work I would leave my bed unmade and that was probably why I was so grumpy during the day, there is nothing better than getting into fresh bedding. Which I have to say I change religiously every week! More than a third of us change our sheets once a fortnight and some men admit to washing their bed sheets four times a year – that gentleman is disgusting. We shed half an ounce of skin each week and most of that is in bed! Wash those sheets!

I cringe watching obsessive-compulsive cleaners, the mess people live in and the hoarding – gross and I admit some cleaners go too far, hoovering the air and giving your children a Dettol bath once a week (personally that woman needs help, poor kids) but I can not stop watching and I love them, I miss Kim and Aggie too, how funny were they calling people dirty little buggers.

Us Brits spend a fortune on cleaning products a year, these are more thrifty and nifty for your home. I wish I could afford the more environmentally friendly products on the market, but aren’t these just extortionate. In the next few weeks, I am trying and testing the good old cleaning remedies of days gone by and sharing with you what I find.

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